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Can you really win a home with the Yourtown Lottery?

Landing yourself a mortgage-free home with taxes paid for the first twelve months might sound like a pipedream, but there’s a very real chance you could do just that with the Yourtown Lottery. We run a range of lotteries for different kinds of high-end properties throughout Australia, some valued at over $2 million. If you want to win a home, here’s what you need to know about the Youtown lottery and your chances of winning.

What is the Yourtown Lottery?

Put simply, we run a series of lotteries that give everyday Australians the chance to change their life with a series of prize draws. The grand prize for each competition is one of the luxury properties displayed on the website, but many of the draws also allow you to decide to exchange it for gold bullion (often worth millions of dollars), as well as additional prizes like smaller amounts of gold bullion, travel vouchers, and more.

There are ten Youtown prize homes up for grabs each year, but they also collaborate with other non-profits like the RSL art union for additional chances to win a home.

How likely is it to win a home in the Yourtown lottery?

Given that it’s a lottery, there can only be one grand prize winner in each Youtown competition. However, your chances of managing to win a home in this lottery are significantly higher than others. Rather than offering millions of tickets (which some of the lotteries on the site do), the Yourtown lottery runs competitions that often have around 400,000 tickets. Each ticket comes at $15, which isn’t a bad price for a one in 400,000 chance of winning $1.4 million dollar prize homes in Australia. What’s more, every additional dollar you spend offers an additional 1 in 6 million chance of winning.

Get involved and help the community.

The chance to win a home that’s worth loving, like a beach house property or Sydney penthouse, might be more than worth it for some people. However, if you needed any additional chance to join the Yourtown lottery to try and win a home, then the support that it offers the local community could be just what you need.

A registered charity that has been working for over five decades, Yourtown is built around the spirit of bettering the community and increasing the average happiness in life by supporting young people in towns and communities across the company. Through fundraising, Yourtown can help provide information on and access to jobs, teach new skills and qualifications and help with all manners of issues in life, from family problems to domestic abuse.

Every ticket sold contributes directly to the Yourtown fundraising efforts. You don’t just get a chance to win a home if you join, you make a real contribution towards those in society who could use it.

Is it your time to win a home?

Are you going to win the Youtown lottery and walk away with your own luxury home? You can’t tell unless you join in! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to check out the contact us page and drop us a line.