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Prize Homes Australia

Win your dream home and never worry about mortgage payments, ever again!  

Win the house of your dreams!
In your wildest dreams, could you even begin to imagine living mortgage-free in a multi-million dollar dream home?

Well, if you enter Yourtown’s lottery this dream could become a reality. 

The Yourtown lottery 
Yes, that is right, as a winner of a Yourtown prize home, you can expect to receive a high-end, luxury property outright with zero dollars to pay on your mortgage. 

The amazing thing is that isn’t all you can expect either, because many of our prize homes also come along with bonuses such as insurance, fees, water, and council tax included. Some even come with a brand new high-end car or thousands of dollars in gold! 

What that means is by entering into the Yourtown prize draw you can not only win a house but end up being set for life as well. Now wouldn’t that just be dreamy?

How to enter 
The great thing is that entering our prize homes competition couldn't be easier. All you need to do is get a hold of one of the tickets, wait for the draw to happen, and cross your fingers. 

But that’s not all, by investing in one of our prize homes Australia tickets you are also helping young people and children through the Yourtown project. A charity that helps youngsters learn new skills, find jobs and be the best next-generation possible.

It really is a win-win situation, so what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming about living your best life mortgage-free, and grab a ticket today!

Don’t just dream about owning your own home. With new draws constantly thrown in the mix, Australia’s biggest home lottery could see you become an owner of a gorgeous high-end property, from Sydney beach houses to Gold Coast beachfront penthouses. If you’re looking for prize homes in Australia to win, then you’re going to find your very best chance with Win A Home from the Yourtown Lottery.

Easy and cheap to enter
We run several lotteries offering all applicable entrants the chance to win a Yourtown prize home, all offering different prize homes in Australia across the whole country. These lotteries are run in collaboration with various organizations with many of the proceeds going directly towards good causes throughout the nation. The cost of each ticket depends on which lotteries you enter, with some offering tickets at $2 each, some at $5, and some at $15. The higher the cost of the ticket, the better your chances of winning!

Win a house worth loving
For instance, the Gold Coast beachfront penthouse, which is part of the Yourtown Art Union Draw 504, is open to 500,000 entrants, offering a total prize value of $2,055,397. Not only do entrants have the chance to win full ownership of the property, but also twelve months of council and water rates, contents insurance, and body corporate fees all paid for you! 

Aside from the chance to win a house, entrants have the opportunity to win other prizes, like a whopping $50,000 in gold bullion. Other competitions in the Youtown lottery also include additional prizes like travel vouchers. Even if you don’t win a prize home, you could still enjoy a taste of luxury with the right luck.

Who does the Yourtown Lottery help?
Aside from the chance to change your life with fully furnished prize homes in Australia, mortgage-free and ready for you to move in, you can also help change the lives of others by joining the Yourtown lottery. 

Established for over 56 years, Yourtown is a registered charity and public company that aims to help improve the lives of younger people in towns and communities with information about jobs, help in accessing them, teaching new skills, and helping them earn qualifications. Helping young people on their way to success helps to build a successful community, and their efforts towards help with youth employment, mental health issues, and family problems (including domestic violence) are all aimed at doing precisely that.

Win prize homes in Australia today

The Yourtown prize home lottery allows you to join up with no hassle and enjoy the opportunity to win a house immediately,. All you have to do is sign up online. The Yourtown lottery is open to entrants across all of Australia and you can find more information on the website about the various organizations that benefit from every ticket we sell. If you have any questions about how our lottery for prize homes in Australia works, then don’t hesitate to get in touch We’re glad to help you get started and to enjoy that chance to change your life once you win a house.