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RSL Prize Homes

Could you be in for the chance of winning a life changing new forever home in Australia’s biggest home prize draw? The only way to win it, is to be in it! 

Time is running out for you to be a part of one of Australia’s biggest home prize draws full of unbelievable, once in a lifetime prizes. 

February 2021 is set to create 6 new millionaires, changing the lives of them and their families. There are $9,195,909 in prize homes on offer, and one of them could belong to you! 

Not only could you be in the chance to win one of the prize homes, how about a luxury car to park outside your dream home?

The best part about all of this is that when you buy your tickets for the charity prize draw in the RSL lottery, not only do you get the opportunity to live the life of luxury when you win a house, or a car, gold bullion, plus other awesome prizes, you will also be doing your part to help to raise money for some of Australia’s top charities who help to support people living in our communities. 

Learn more about some of the great work of those much needed charities and the prizes you could win by clicking here and finding out more. 

Don’t delay your entry to this epic home lottery! 


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