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What is my contribution to the RSL Art Union going towards?

When you buy a ticket for the RSL Art Union prize home draw, you are doing more than giving yourself the chance to win a prize. You are also directly supporting those in need, who are currently in service, or who have served in the Australian Defence Forces, as well as their families. Thank you. 


Responding to the needs of veterans - The RSL Union

The RSL union was formed in response to the struggles many Australian veterans had when returning home after WW1. Our aim has always been to support veterans in any way we can, from helping them manage PTSD, to providing housing and career opportunities. 

Providing this support costs money, and that is where the RSL Art Union comes in. Indeed, it was way back in 1956 that the Art Union first began its fundraising efforts, to provide money for those that have served in our armed forces, and their families. 

The prime aim of the RSL Art Union is to provide a consistent income for the RSL support programs. That means every ticket a member buys goes towards improving the lives of those that have bravely defended our country and way of life. 


How the RSL Art Union Works

In essence, the RSL Art Union is a win-win situation. Veterans win when customers buy tickets because the funds go directly to a range of support programs you can read about below. 

People buying the ticket also win because they get the chance to be entered into the biggest home prize draw in Australia. Yes, that’s right each entrant has the opportunity to win one of 10 multi-million dollar luxury homes. Some of our prize packages offer beachfront properties, while for others the prize is a high-end apartment block, with a luxe penthouse! 

Indeed VIP members are entered into every one of our 10 prize homes draws through the year, but that is not their only chance to win! Yes, that’s right there are also weekly draws for $5,000, quarterly draws for $10,000, and two annual heroes draws where entrants can walk away with an unbelievable $2,000,000 in solid gold bullion!!


How your contributions make a real difference to the lives of veterans

Now you know how entering into our prize draws could benefit you, we can take a look at all the good your support does to those in need. 

Here at RSL, we use the money provided by our supporters to fund a range of support service including: 

  • Providing secure, long term housing for veterans and their families  
  • Offering home and in-hospital visits for veterans
  • Helping veterans make DVA claims
  • Supporting scholarships for further education for the spouses and dependents of veterans 
  • Running school programs, so the memory of veterans that have passed is preserved. 
  • Offering emergency financial assistance 
  • Offering bereavement counselling to the family of veterans 
  • Covering the funeral costs of service people that have no immediate family 
  • Counselling and mental health support for veterans

We also understand that many veterans struggle with mental health after returning from active duty. That is why we have so far invested 7 million into PTSD research. We have also used these funds to create training programs for GPs so they can better recognize PTSD. Therefore ensuring that affected veterans the treatment they so desperately need to get their lives back on track.