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What Services Does Your Town Provide?

We know how hard it is to find the support and help that you need in your local neighborhood. That is why we established yourtown, more than 56 years ago. Yourtown is a registered charity and public company who provide a valuable service to the younger people of our towns and communities, helping them to find information about jobs and accessing them, learning new skills and qualifications to help them out for their future, become great parents the next generation, and most importantly, helping them to live safe and happy lives.


For almost six decades, we have been looking at and tackling the issues that impact the young people of Australia. These include youth employment and mental health issues, as well as issues such as domestic violence and family problems.


But exactly what services does yourtown provide and how can you access them? Let us take a look here in this article.


Counselling and mentoring


Mentoring has been shown to have enormous benefits for young people - in fact, people of any age will feel the benefits from it. It is usually part of a program that involves other components, such as tutoring, coaching, or training in various life skills. Mentoring allows the mentor and mentee to build up a supportive and healthy relationship in both the short term and the long term, helping both parties.


Some of the benefits for younger people include:


  • Increased high school graduation rates
  • Lower school drop out rates
  • Healthier lifestyle and relationship choices
  • Better attitude towards education
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved behaviour at school and home
  • Better interpersonal skills


Counselling is a service that can be a lifeline for children who have experienced trauma or difficulties in their life and need some extra support. Counselling and therapy can help them to become more resiliant and and look at making positive changes to help their situation. Other benefits include:


  • Developing a toolbox of skills to help deal with challenging situations
  • Finding ways to change thought processes around certain activities or behaviours
  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Better relationships with parents, teachers and peers
  • Help them to find healthy ways of expressinf their thoughts and emotions


Counselling and mentoring is provided through Kids Helpline, a 24/7 service for children and young people in Australia, Parentline for parents and carers and face to face support for our service’s clients.

Family Accomodation Services


Sadly, many families are in need of urgent accommodation due to fleeing domestic violence. It is something that no one wants to think about, but it IS happening in Australia. In fact, as many as one in four Australian children are exposed to domestic violence. At yourtown, we collaborate woth those who need us to provide up to twelve weeks of supported emergency accommodation, with a team of staff who have the skills and experience to help the families navigate through this challenging time. We take referrals through specialist domestic violence and sexual assult services.


The families who we support also have access to a range of service including counselling, child therapy, life skills and we can link them to legal, health and other specialist services. We want those affected by domestic violence to be able to rebuild their lives by escaping the cycle of violence and settle into affordable and safe housing.

Parenting and family services 


We know that parenting is hard work. We tend to look at all of the good parts and what we see on social media and how we think parenting should be, but it can also be challenging, stressful and lonely. We know that many, many families would benefit from a little bit of extra support, which is why we provide a whole range of services and access to experts and people who can help. 


Yourtown are the facilitating partner for Deception Bay Communities for Children (CfC) services. We help to work on a community-wide basis, helping to support and strengthen local service networks that contribute to early childhood development and wellbeing for children up to the age of 12..


We also have a young parents program in place. This supports younger parents by providing practical parenting support to help with child development, health and wellbeing and life skills in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment. This enables the parents to build relationships and connections with other parents and people that can help.

Education and re-engagement programs


Education is at the core of everything. Education gives young people the tools to make smart life decisions, help them into employment, build up relationships and learn all-important and valuable life skills.


We start off helping the youngest of learners, with our Early Childhood Development Program. This aims to support vulnerable preschool children to make sure that they transition to school smootlhly and happily, so they get the very best start to their educational life. We help parents to find ways to support their childs emotional. social and intellectual development, help them to thrive at school and buld strong connections with the family, school community and the wider community as a whole.


We also recognise that there are children, particularly in the age 14-17 bracket, that for one reason or another become disengaged with education. No one wants to see these teenagers drop out of school, so we run the Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program. This is designed to help build resiliance in children, and promote wellbeing in younger people while supporting the philosophy of positive education. Through the program, we encourage teenagers who have become disengaged and disillusioned to look at new ways to approach personal, social and community interactions and to develop greater awareness of the way that they behave.


Sometimes, support is not given to young people before they get to the disengagement stage, but that does not mean it is too late - far from it. We target them specifically with the Youth Engagement Program (YEP). This is a two-pronged approach; first of all supporting young people who are struggling to stay at school and secondly, helping those who left school early to make the transition into the workplace or an alternative form of education or training. 


Finally, we have implemented the Youthful Offenders Program. Here, we reach otu to 18-25 year olds at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre to provide indivudual support and tailored development. There is also the youth specific Alcohol and Other Drugs program, co-designed with and approved by the Queensland Correcitive Services. Kicking Habits aims to help young offenders to find effective strategies to reduce misuse of alcohol and other drugs and reduce offending behavior, sot hat when they are back in the community, they are less likely to reoffend.


Training and employment


It is not just young people that need our support. It is people of all ages and education levels. We have a plethora of training and employment services available to help people get ready for work, find work and stay in work.


There is the Your Job, Your Way - we look at how 15-21 year olds who are in receipt of income support to find and keep a job and help to strengthen the community they live in. It’s available to those who have been unempliyed for a year or more and registered with Jobactive. Staff listen, coach, support and prepare this group for work with local employers.


As well as that, there is Transition to Work (TtW). This aims to provide practical support to help develop employability skills and understand the etiquette and expectations of the workplace, to be able to stay in work.


Parents often need some support, too. Many have been out of work for years while they raise their children, but our Parents Next initiative helps mums and dads to prepare for and to re-enter the workforce by the time their youngest child starts school.

Indeginous Employment and Wellbeing


The indeginous people of Australia are sadly more at risk at getting left behind when it comes to education and work choices. Yourtown aims to redress this by committing to building positive relationships in the indeginous community, creating equal partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, along with their extended families and the wider community through the Indegenious Youth Engament and Transitions Program. This involves working closely with the young people to offer culturally appropriate support and advice to overcome barriers to education and the workplace, re-engage with learning. We spend time creating a personalized plan which is matched to individual needs, aspirations and interests.


Yhese are just a few of the services that Yourtown provides; there are many more and we are always looking at ways we can help people, particularly the younger people, in our community to lead a life that is healthy, happy and safe, and give them the very best opportunities when it comes to education and work. If you want to know more about any of the services mentioned, get in touch with us today.