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Win a Home Melbourne

Owning a home requires a whole load of cash, which you may not always have stashed in your bank account. However, you can make your dream of being a homeowner a reality without working your head off for the rest of your life. Are you wondering how that's possible? With the Art Union Prize home tickets, you can win a house or home in Melbourne. What’s more, you’d be contributing to a charitable cause, making it a win-win situation. Read on for more information on the Art Union Prize home draws.

Your Town Art Union Prize Home Draw

Perhaps you desire to own a luxurious home in Melbourne or other parts of Australia but don't have the annual income to make it happen. In that case, you should consider the “Your Town Prize Home Draw.” With this lottery, you have a higher chance of owning a house, as you can win with just a ticket. The tickets are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank when chasing your dream home. With this option, why should you stress yourself by paying mortgage fees?

The Your Town Art Union supports disadvantaged youth by providing them with training and employment, counselling and mentoring, and education, among others. With funding from lottery tickets and other sources, Australian youth can live happy, responsible, and fulfilling lives. Your Town has helped over 3,000 people so far, with stable employment, education, and training. Therefore, you'd be contributing to a good cause while getting your dream home should you purchase their tickets. Talk about killing two birds with a stone! 

How Are Your Town Art Union Prize Home Draws Conducted?

Your Town holds annual 15 prize draws consisting of ten luxurious houses and five classy cars up for grabs. One of these houses can be yours if you buy your ticket and participate in the prize draws. The luxury prize home draws are usually conducted in Milton, at 5, Cordova Street QLD 4064, or a selected prize home. The prize homes come with added goodies such as free utilities for the first 12 months. The draws aren’t exclusive, as the public is invited to experience the fun and cheer on the winners. However, they observe all COVID-19 protocols for public safety.  

Remember the exciting raffles you watched when you were younger? The prize home draw takes a similar approach, conducted by a barrel, a motor-driven Perspex transparent rolling cylinder with six compartments. However, a manual barrel can also be used. Each compartment has numbered balls covering all possible ticket number combinations for the draw, with balls numbered 0-9. After a button is pressed, the barrel rolls for approximately 15 minutes, and numbered balls fall into the holding compartments. The number derived from reading the balls from left to right is then checked against computerised ticket records to declare the winner. 

How many tickets can you buy?

While one ticket might be all you need to win a luxurious house/home in Melbourne, you may buy a lot to boost your winning chances further and help the Australian youth. Each ticket costs $15, so feel free to acquire as much as you can afford. You may purchase your tickets through the Your Town website or other credible websites. It will also be prudent to read the terms and conditions to avoid making a mistake. 

RSL Art Union Prize Home Draw

Do you wish to own an elegant home in Melbourne or other parts of Australia while escaping the mortgage payment snare? Then you should check out the RSL Art Union Prize home draw. Just like the Your Town Union Draw, this lottery offers you the opportunity to win your dream house without draining your accounts. What's more, you’d be contributing to a noble cause whenever you purchase a ticket. Only a few things compare to the feeling you get when helping others live more comfortably. 

The RSL Art Union was established after World War I to help war veterans reunite with society. Many veterans were negatively impacted after the war, as some returned with physical injuries and mental disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) while dealing with poverty and loneliness. With your ticket purchases, you'd be making the lives of war heroes across the country much better, as each fund goes into providing financial assistance, accommodation, medical care, rehabilitation, counselling and therapy, and bereavement assistance, among others.

How Does RSL Art Union Prize Home Draw Work?

RSL Art Union Prize home draw is Australia's most prominent home lottery and your surest way to win a house/home Melbourne. It features two Golden Treasure and about ten draws for prize homes worth millions annually. You stand to win elegant beach homes, multi-state apartment complexes, and house+ gold packages. With tickets as affordable as $5, you may buy as many as you want to boost your winning chances and help more veterans live comfortable lives. 

You can also join the VIP club to secure tickets into all prize home draws and two annual VIP Heroes draws, each worth $2 million in gold bullions. What's more, you can win $5,000 weekly, and $100,000 quarterly cash draws, totalling over $50 million in prizes! Therefore, you may become an RSL Art Union VIP member should you desire to win more prizes alongside your fabulous home. You may join by selecting your draw subscriptions, membership amount and entering your payment details. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s genuine or not; it’s a transparent process as there are no lock-in contracts or membership fees. 

How do you acquire your RSL Art Union Prize Home Draws Ticket?

You can visit the RSL Art Union website or other credible websites to obtain your tickets. You can make payments with your credit or debit cards, direct debit, cheques, money order or PayPal. Your RSL tickets will be sent to your email, so you can rest assured, although other tickets will be posted to your address. Suppose you opt for pre-ordered tickets. In that case, you’ll receive them shortly after the draw’s open date. It’s best to read the terms and conditions to avoid messing up your winning chances. 

There you have it! You have the opportunity to win your dream home while donating to charity, and you shouldn't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. You can get started by buying lots of tickets and actualise your dreams.