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Win a Home Sydney

If someone asked you when you’re likely to stop paying for your home’s mortgage payments, you might respond that it’ll take you until you reach retirement age before that happens. But, what if it were possible to live in a house with no mortgage payments to make?

It might seem like a strange concept and one that is unlikely to happen in your lifetime. After all: no one is going to just give you a free house? In reality, it’s actually more likely than you think to happen! So, how exactly can you end up with a free house in Sydney?

Well, you don’t need to participate in any questionable deals or even anything remotely dodgy. If you did want to win a home in Sydney, a brilliant way to do so is by entering a prize draw created by legitimate charities.

With Win a Home Sydney, you could end up with a luxurious abode in an attractive part of the city or surrounding areas. Winning a home is possible thanks to the fantastic lotteries from Your Town Art Union and RSL Art Union.

Win a Home Sydney: How Is It Possible?

Consider the following scenario. You wake up one morning and look around, only to discover that you’re inside a luxurious house with breathtaking views, lots of private outdoor space, and plenty of room for you and your family to enjoy.

You briefly begin to wonder where you are and why you’ve woken up in an unfamiliar house. Suddenly, you remember that this is your house and your home. What’s more, it didn’t cost you a fortune to buy, nor did you have to break your back earning money to pay for it.

In fact, you won the house because you entered a lottery competition with an art union that used some of your ticket fees to help disadvantaged Australians achieve a better life. You smile with that fact in mind, and another one: you didn’t have to buy your new house!

The above scenario sounds perfect. However, you can’t help but wonder how purchasing a lottery ticket from a charity can pay for a luxurious home and support its excellent work.

The way that such lotteries work is by selling lots of tickets. The prizes get offered monthly, giving those charities enough time to fund the cost of buying properties and supporting what they do.

Giving away a house by selling tickets to win it isn’t a new concept. In fact, you’ve likely come across people doing that in the past. The difference here is, part of your ticket fees go towards financially supporting the excellent work of the art unions.

How Does It Work?

By now, you’re likely intrigued to find out how you would go about being in with a chance of winning a luxury home in Sydney. Fortunately, the good news is you don’t have to worry about any lengthy, drawn-out entry procedures or the need to do anything laborious.

The only thing you need to do is simply buy a ticket to enter the prize draw; that’s all! The cost of entering a lottery to win a luxury house in Sydney varies depending on which art union is running the competition; however, the price isn’t as high you might think.

You can expect to pay $5 to $15 per ticket on average, and some tickets are even $10 each. You could end up with a luxury house in Sydney that has a seven-figure value and only pay the price of a takeaway pizza for it!

Who Is the Yourtown Art Union?

The Yourtown Art Union, formerly known as BoysTown when initially set up by the De La Salle brothers in 1961, is a charitable organisation that provides services for young Australians seeking jobs, wanting to learn new skills and become better parents.

As one of Australia’s longest-established charities, Your Town Art Union helps young adults at local and national levels to cope with many everyday issues such as mental health problems and domestic violence.

The services they deliver primarily get funded by local communities through various means, including, of course, the sale of tickets for home lotteries. Yourtown’s work has helped and continues to assist many young Australians to get on the right footing in their lives.

Who Is the RSL Art Union?

One of the best-known charitable organisations in Australia is the RSL Art Union. They got set up in World War I to enable funding to care for injured veterans returning from combat and those who have sustained mental health problems during their time in service.

It’s, unfortunately, an all too familiar scenario where military personnel on the front line come home and find themselves unable to reintegrate into society, resulting in poverty and despair for these national heroes.

Today, the RSL Art Union still supports Australia’s veterans when they return home and find it tough to get back to civilian life. For example, they might find it challenging to adjust to life with permanent injuries or mental scars caused by their tours of duty.

The RSL Art Union supports Australia’s veterans in many ways. They provide access to counseling services and rehabilitation. Plus, they can deliver financial support and find suitable accommodation to keep the country’s war veterans from becoming homeless.

Do You Really Have a Chance to Win a Free House?

In short, the answer is yes! If you happen to be the lucky ticket holder, you’ll soon become the proud new owner of a luxurious home in Sydney! But, that’s not all you can win!

Some lotteries also offer other goodies, such as a luxury vehicle to go with your luxury house! Others may offer to cover the cost of your utility bills in your new home for a year and can also pay for government fees relating to the transfer of ownership.

Buying just one ticket can be enough to get a chance of winning. Of course, you could purchase several tickets to boost your chances!