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Win a Home

For many, buying a home is more difficult now than ever. Saving a deposit alongside the rising cost of living and paying rent for the home you’re currently in is pretty difficult. On top of that, the Covid-19 pandemic is seeing more and more people struggle to show continuous employment, meaning lower chances of mortgage approval. Perhaps you already have a home but would like to give a home to a loved one, would like a second to use as a holiday home or would like an additional property to let out as a source of income? Either way and whatever you’d like a house for, Win a Home can come into play.

Here at Win a Home, we give out prize homes, providing you with the opportunity to win a house for yourself! You can enter Your Town lottery to win Your Town prize home. The specific details for each property and competition will be available on our website. Take a look to find out more!

All proceeds from the competition are donated to the RSL Art Union, which provide vital services to veterans who fought in the Australia Armed Forces. These services include but aren’t limited to, financial aid, counselling and therapy, rehabilitation, accommodation and so much more.

As you can see, you can rest assured that every ticket you buy with Win a Home doesn’t just give you the chance to win prize homes Australia. It also provides much needed funding to a highly worthy cause! So, why not give it a try today?