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Do you want to win an absolutely stunning prize home while also doing your part to support young children and families? Maybe you dream of having your own home in Australia but you don’t have the budget or the annual income you need to really make it happen. Either way now is the time for you to make a change. Prize homes are now more affordable than ever because you could win one of your very own by just paying for one ticket. Prize homes in Australia are coming on the market all of the time and it has never been more possible for you to win one of your very own. You can win a house through the Your Town lottery while helping a good cause!



Providing Crucial Services to Younger People

A lot of people buy prize home tickets because they want to do their bit to help young people. If you are willing to donate just a small amount of money, you have the chance to win a house at the same time! It’s not a lot, and someone has to come away with the prize so there’s no reason why it couldn’t be you. Prize homes are very popular, and they have made a large resurgence in Australia. Prize homes in Australia tend to be worth millions, but thanks to incentives such as Your Town, it’s now possible for you to enter the Your Town lottery so you have the chance to win your very own Your Town prize home.



Why Do People Buy Tickets for the Your Town Lottery?

People have all kinds of reasons for buying tickets for the Your Town lottery. A lot of people do so because they were once in need and that the service gives them some peace of mind knowing that they can help others. When you win the Your Town prize home draw, you will be able to live a life that is rent-free as well as being mortgage free for the rest of your life.  You will also be contributing to some of the life-changing programs that the Your Town lottery has to offer. The Your Town incentive program has so far been able to provide over 3,000 people with paid work as well as giving them a high amount of experience and training as well. This has been the case over the last 20 years.



It’s a Win-Win

A lot of people buy tickets because it is a win-win for them. After all, it’s a good way for you to help a good cause and it also gives you the chance at a better future. If you don’t come out with a win then at least you feel as though you have helped out in some way. This can give you a mental boost and you also have the confidence knowing that you have helped someone who might be in dire need of your help. Causes like this are fantastic to support and if everyone was to buy a ticket then more people have the chance of making a real difference and on top of this, more help is given to those who need it.